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Le Cendrillon Ocean Dream Diamond (Nana)


Name: Ocean Dream (Nana)

DOB: 21/12/2019

Rag Type: Lilac Tortie Bicolour

Rag No: Rag j 03 

Status: Active

PKD: Negative

HCM: Negative

Blood Type: A


Mother of Litter:

Lecendrillon Ocean Dream Diamond (Nana)

Lecendrillon Ocean Dream Diamond is our stunning future Queen, daughter of our Magic Star (Amber)  Ocean has everything we ever would like, amazing sweet look, beautiful blue eyes, nice shape and eye contour, strong broad head, medium size ears, rounded ear tips, the most silkiest coat ever and cracking Ragdoll personality. She will be amazing future mum and vital element in our chocolate/lilac & red/cream breeding program. We cannot wait to see her 1st litter.  

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