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Terms of booking and buying kittens

Kittens booking procedure:

  • The condition for booking a kitten is a 30% down payment of the agreed price for the kitten. After the payment has been made, a prepaid kitten is no longer offered for sale to other applicants.

  • In the event of cancellation of the purchase of a kitten, the advance payment is forfeited in full as compensation for the time in which the kitten was not offered to other interested applicants.

  • We reserve the right to refuse to sell a kitten if the buyer does not meet our expectations, we are not sure whether he will live up to his care. The reason for refusing to sell a kitten may also be the decision to leave him for breeding purposes. In this case, we will offer a replacement or we will refund the full amount paid.

All our pupils are fully socialized and teach to keep hygiene. On the day of collection, the future Owners will receive:

  • A contract of purchase and sale of a cat that protects the interests of not only the buyer, but above all the cat.

  • Pedigree issued by GCCF (The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy)

  • Health book or passport in which all deworming and vaccinations of the cat will be written.

  • Microchip: Every kitten leaving our cattery will be protected in this way.

  • Information: about nutrition and care.

  • Kittens intended for pet (without breeding rights) will be issued after early castration / sterilization. This will save you the stress of doing this later. In some cases we allow for later procedure in date specified in Contract.

  • Kittens going abroad will be equipped with a passport and will be quarantined (21/30 days) from the date of vaccination against rabies. This vaccination is performed after the kitten completes 13 weeks of life, therefore the kitten will be ready when he or she completes the 18th week of life.

  • Kittens intended for breeding will be provided with additional FIV and FELV tests. On the buyer's request, the kitten may be subjected to specific genetic testing.

  • Each of our pupils gets a rich layette and CD with photos.

  • In addition, we are very happy to help at every stage of our kittens' life. Every time we are very grateful for a few words on how our babies are doing and for few photos from time to time.

Classification of cats for sale:

  • Pet - a companion cat without breeding and exhibition rights. The cat cannot be bred or exhibited at cat shows. It is a cat that does not have perfect signs like minor errors in coat, build etc.

  • Show / Neutered  - this is a show cat without breeding rights. A cat with proper signs and build. A cat without breeding rights, an ideal type that can successfully participate in cat shows. The price of such a kitten is set individually.

  • Breeder - a kitten with breeding rights, healthy, without flaws, the method of staining can be perfect or with minor color imperfections that do not disqualify a cat from exhibitions - for example, a dark spot on white paws - a cat with breeding predisposition. The price of such a kitten is set individually.

  • Show / Breeding - cat with exemplary markings, perfect in type. Cat of the Show type with breeding predisposition. Every time the price of such a kitten is determined individually with the breeder.

Before you decide to buy a cat in our cattery, read our rules:

If you are interested in buying any kitten, cat or adopt retired breeding cat, You must know that whether you want to buy it for breeding or for a pet only, the priority for Us is to find him/her loving future Owners and the best forever home , where they will be treated as equal members of the family.

The decision to buy a cat must be WELL thought through. The future carer must bear in mind the fact that We entrust to him/her a living creature who, apart from love and time devoted to him, needs to be guaranteed permanent veterinary help, good quality food and care.

We entrust our kittens only to people we met personally and we found out that they are able to provide a loving home and optimal living conditions for Our kittens. We must be sure that future carers are aware of the sacrifices associated with owning a cat and will be able to take care of his health, well-being, diet and hygiene at the proper level needed.

Set of the rules we follow:

  • Kittens from our cattery can leave our home no sooner than after 13 weeks of age. However, this usually occurs after the age of 15 weeks. We reserve the right to a later date of kittens' release.

  • Kittens leaving our cattery receive pedigrees, and the interests of each of them are secured by the purchase and sale agreement.

  • Kittens are collected by our future owner in our cattery, we do not sell kittens to agents and  outside our cattery, especially during exhibitions or shows.

  • Cats during their whole life in Our cattery are under the best care and are kept safe.The cats are tested for infectious diseases: FIV and FELV as well as genetic PKD and HCM.

  • All kittens leaving our cattery are fully socialized, taught cleanliness, the use of a scratchers, 2 times dewormed and twice vaccinated according to the vaccination schedule.

  • Female cats in our cattery have no more than 3 litters in 24 months and no more than 5 litters during their breeding career.

  • During pregnancy and during the rearing period, females are under the pre-natal prophylaxis.

Before you make final decisions about owning a cat be aware about:

  • Ragdolls average life span is 13-15 years​.

  • Check if anyone in the house is allergic to a cat, it's a must! especially when there are children in the house who have never had contact with a cat before. You must be sure that none of the household members are allergic. If you are unsure, do a test.

  • Consider whether you will be able to save enough time for your cat so that he/she does not feel alone.

  • Also, think about what you will do with your cat, planning a vacation or business trip. Will you be able to guarantee him/her protection and safety during your absence?

  • Think about whether fur will be too much of a challenge for you, when your pet changes the fur it will be everywhere.

  • You must be aware of the costs you incur from creating a comfortable and safe environment for your cat. In addition to caring for his physiological needs, you must ensure his safety by installing the appropriate grids in windows and balconies.

  • We do not allow our kittens to free roam through the neighborhoods, been walked on the leash and left unattended in not secured gardens etc. Ragdolls are 100% indoor cats, and this is where they are the most safe. Only allowed option is to have fully, secured netted Catio, runway which no other cats can get access to. If you not willing to adhere to this rule, PLEASE DO NOT contact Us.

  • Consider whether you will be able to guarantee proper veterinary care for the cat and balanced, high-quality food, this cost will be permanently inscribed in your budget.

Are you able to adhere to our rules? If yes We welcome You to contact Us

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